Task 33
Task 33
SHC Task 33

Solar Heat for Industrial Processes

Project (Task) Objectives

The scope of the Task is on solar thermal technologies for converting the solar radiation into heat, (i.e., the subject which is covered by the Task starts with the solar radiation reaching the collector and ends with the hot air, water or steam transferred to the application.) In other words, the distribution system, the production process and/or the optimisation of the production process are not the main topics of the Task. However, influences on the production process and the distribution system arising from the solar character of the heat source will be studied in the framework of the Task.

Applications, systems and technologies which are included in the scope of this task are:

  • All industrial processes where heat up to a temperature level of approx. 250°C is needed
  • Space heating of production or other industry halls is addressed, but not space heating of dwellings.
  • Solar thermal systems using air, water, low pressure steam or oil as a heat carrier, i.e. not limited to a certain heat transfer medium in the solar loop.
  • All types of solar thermal collectors for an operating temperature level up to 250°C are addressed: uncovered collectors, flat-plate collectors, improved flat-plate collectors - for example hermetically sealed collectors with inert gas fillings, evacuated tube collectors with and without reflectors, CPC collectors, MaReCos (Maximum Reflector Collectors), parabolic trough collectors.